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International Cricket ground under delay

Kathmandu – Construction of International Cricket Ground in Kohalpur, Banke has been delayed due to Government and political issues.

“Nepal Government had already invested approximately of 25 Lakhs for the ground”, Binod Mainali, Regional Cricket President mentioned. Currently, there is no improvement in the maintenance and development of the ground and the ground is still occupied by homeless dwellers. Also, the land is being used as rangelands for grazing livestock.

The regional cricket officials already registered their complaints to the local governing authorities, no major step taken from the concerned till date.

The main governing body of cricket in Nepal, Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) is investing in construction of International cricket grounds in major part of the country. Due to the lack of support from government and local state bodies, it seems a long wait for the emerging cricketers to see cricket development in the country.

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  • yooo taa atinaii voo ,..antim tiraa vane ko kura(due to lack of local support state bodies…nanera lekheko maa im ” note of decent”coz teso vayee..badra 31 gate sokal school le 2000 rs dine dicizan gareka 6ann..yo vanda saceifice k hunasak6 ….tara government lee chaihii masti lee moj garnee,, karmachhari lee aune hajir garne ani kunai kam NAGRNEE YESTO CHAALALE  K NEPAL MA CRICKET ban6 ki naiii…yo ta ki nepal sarkar lai thahola ki can  lai thahaholaa.. kati corruption vaa6 binaye raj pandey kati ghush khaa6 vaneraa..haina vane kina ahile election hudaina taa.aajasammaaa.yo kuraa hami sabai nepali khel premi laii janakari hunuparne ho kayree..

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