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For CAN: It’s time to call for an Academy

Mohammad Ashique Ali

Nepal is considered as the lion of under-age group tournaments. The great moment for Nepalese Cricket Fans is on the way as our players are on a wining momentum of the ACC U-16 Elite Cup Tournament. The great partnership, opening attack and great team effort had made a lot of fans to see once again a bright future of Nepal to the path of World Cup. This sort of things that they have been going through makes a lot of difference when they reach the senior level. So, these young colts are to provided with a good platform. This is the right time that Cricket Association of Nepal(CAN) should call for Academy to make a long term plan for Nepal to the path of World Cup.

Firstly, though comparing Senior Nepal Cricket Team with U-16 is quiet funny but looking at their opening attack and the way they have been building up partnership is what have made us surprise. They have lots of potential and passion to cricket. They struggled in some point and again make a partnership. In the match against Malaysia, the last wicket stand when fans were sure of their loss, came in vanish and turned to a victory which clearly shows the boys intention is not only winning a cup but also about their future and carrier from it.

“Nepal was on no. 14 in ICC ranking before” said by former international player Kiran Rana who is now a member of Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN). Nepal is now placed at 27 in ICC ranking which clearly shows the declination of the rankings of the Senior Cricket Team. “In Under Age Tournament Nepal is always a great team” says Ben Stinga a reporter of Cricket quotes when asking about Nepalese Cricket.  I think now a question arise that why can’t a senior cricket team of Nepal do that well when such a young blood players are performing in a under-age tournaments. The answer is many but one important aspect is: not building a academy and facilities.

Members from CAN need a passion and have a long term agenda to work and cooperate with the current coach Pubuddu Dassanayake if they are really aware and want the upliftment of Nepali Cricket. “If CAN follows the path as directed by Dassanayake then I am sure Nepali Cricket will progress in a rapid way” says Birat Raya, a great cricket fan of Nepali Cricket. It clearly shows what the CAN is made up of. The new elected people had promised a lot to fans but never shown a good sign of progress in Nepali Cricket.

I think the time has come to call for an Academy and work on it. CAN should work now in rapid progress not like sitting in a chair and speaking like politicians, but standing up and show something to the international level. This is a time to build the Academy and select current U-16 players as a future star of Nepalese Cricket. If CAN is not concerned about it I am very doubtful about the progress of Nepalese Cricket Team in Future.

(Ashique is the public relation officer at Cricnepal and a student of Bachelors in Multimedia Technology at London Metropolitan University, UK.)



  1. Birat Raya

    May 12, 2012 at 11:15 am

    Ekdam sahi kura ho Ali brother , Nepali age level ma jun talent cha tyo senior team le nadohoryaunu ma mukhya karan nai CAN sanga spasta Yojana nahunu nai ho .

    Age level ma Nepali players ko natural talent dekhincha , Jun kura lai CAN le age level kate pachi tikhardai janu parne ho tara CAN sanga na ta spasta margadarshan cha na ta Player haruko lagi kunai yojana . Nepali cricket agadi nabadhnu ko mukhya karan nai Cricket proffestional nahunu ho ra jaba samma Ghar bata bau ama le chora lai Bad diyera cricket khelna jau chora bhanne stithi audaina taba samma Nepali cricket ko halat yehi nai ho .

    Ramro prayas cha Ali bro ,keep it up 🙂 

  2. Asim_khan

    May 12, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    so true,totally wid u. CAN should make positive step now its the right time. We should motivate our young players .

  3. Rahulshakya 126

    May 12, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    ya we fans should also work on it ..that was a gud article ashiquee..congratss

  4. Sangharshayadav

    May 13, 2012 at 4:34 am

    wat abt the domestic structure how much academy they are goin to bulid…. if they do…….the same things will happen to cricket as its happening to football, a lot of promise bt when time come to deliver ……….they fail……… every game should be developed from grassroot level……..wat i think is every game is ktm centred…… if we wanna see games progress in nepal then plsssssss foucus also outside valley and bring professionalism to games outside valley  toooooo….i love nepali cricket n football .
    see wat nepali player play in domestic league is just 10-15 days in a year………..think hows nepal goin to progress………if they dont do anything in this then once they can play world cup out of luck bt they can play it once and again………………………
    pls dnt sit in chairs n give speech ………its time to do some work………..if u cant then resign n give it to some1 who really wants to workkkkkkk….
    make nepal n nepalese proud my dear fren at chairs of CAN n ANFA

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