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Manan Vohara, India U-19 (Photo: Getty Images)

Manan Vohora is the opening batsman for Indian U-19 team. He is the most aggressive batsman in the squad. As he is from Punjab and plays aggressively, people say him the Junior Yuvraj Singh. The interesting fact is this that the coach of Manan Vohora is Yog Raj singh who is the father of Yuvraj singh.

In the matches that he played in April 2012 he was only able to make one half-century. In the other matches he had very few runs. The point to be noted is that he takes a long time to adjust in the pitch but if he is adjusted then he hits a lot. The best example is when he scored 79 runs in just 35 balls.

In the early years he was criticized because of his stamina. He used to be often run out. But later on he developed his stamina.

It is found that pacers have been effective against him. Nepali bowlers must take out Manan Vohora quickly because if he stays longer in the pitch then it will be difficult to chase his runs.

What is your view towards this player? What sorts of strategies do you believe to make this player out? Share with us.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dhaneesh Md

    June 6, 2012 at 10:11 am

    He is come new kerala cricketer indian U-19 team wicket keeper come batsman. Dhoni you are  in out the indian team

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