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Wow our national cricket team is really doing well and making all of us Nepali proud, united and happy as well as making our country famous world wide. Winner of ICC Division 4 and now in the final of ACC Elite Trophy, back to back performance has given all Nepali Cricket Fans a hope to qualify for 2014 T20 World Cup in Bangladesh and 2015 World Cup in Australia. If our team become successful to qualify for any world cup either 50 over or the 20 over, this will be the first time Nepali sports team representing the country in any of the World Cup event and it would be the great achievement and matter of pride for all of us.

But my question is “Is our media giving as much attention and emphasis to Cricket and Cricketers for there great achievements?” Although our cricket team has achieved a lot of success in past few years but they are not able to catch the attention from so called national medias, why so? I still remember when Ifan Pathan(Indian Cricketer) took his first hattrick against Pakistan few years back, AAJ Tak(Indian News Channel) immediately broadcasted the live talk show interacting with his Family members. Why can’t our media do the same? Why can’t they run some cricket programs and TV shows related to cricket only and give emphasis to cricket?

Now, it’s time of our media to do something for developing the cricket and creating the cricketing environment all around the country. We have dozens of Nepali News channel and news paper giving just the news of Politics most of the time. Catching people attention towards cricket is only possible only if our Media focus on Cricket and Cricketers. If our media focus and emphasis on cricket and provide sufficient coverage of it’s news, views, scores and to cricket players, its sure Nepal has a great future in Cricket, and surely we will be playing world cup in coming years.

I just feel publishing cricket news, views, ideas, score, live coverage, cricket programs and about cricketers’ life by news channel directly provide benefit to news channel as followers of Nepali cricket in our country are in great numbers. So I kindly request the entire News channel, Newspaper and Radio to give emphasis and time for Cricket, which is doing really well for rising our glory. We all cricket fan are waiting eagerly to see more emphasis given by media especially all news channel including state owned Nepal TV,News24, Aveneus, Sagarmatha, Image Channel, Mountain Tv , all national level News paper and Radio stations across the country. And I feel very glad as in facebook we have many cricket related pages which are providing news, views, score update of cricket and website like Cricnepal, cricket.com.np and many more doing great job in communicating cricket news, views ,score and idea. Cricket is uniting all of us together. Just waiting to see our media especially News channel, NTV ,Radio Nepal and the entire newspaper giving more emphasis to Cricket and want to see cricketing environment in the country as it is the only sports in which our country has chance of playing World Cup and hope to see them playing Word Cup very soon . Jay Nepali Cricket.

Sanjib Paudel is a guest writer and is a BBA graduate at Pokhara.
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