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CAN Admits Sehwag’s Inclusion was a Mistake

Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN)
Because asking players to open like Sehwag was too mainstream

Because asking players to open like Sehwag was too mainstream

CAN today admitted its mistake  for depicting Indian cricket star Virendra Sehwag’s photo in Nepali jersey on the cover page of annual souvenir published by CAN. CAN had received wide criticism for using  Sehwag’s edited picture in the cover instead of photos relating to Nepali Cricket. This issue has been getting tremendous media attention not just in Nepal but also in India.

CAN released a press release today accepting  its mistake. “It was not done intentionally and we will be more cautious  in the future”, the release reads.

The 2013 annual souvenir published by CAN has a Sehwag’s picture on its cover, wearing a deep blue jersey and helmet that has CAN’s logo on it, playing a characteristic Shewag on drive. Although CAN has tried to blur the image the distinction is quite clear.

CNN IBN’s website quotes Kiran Rana accepting that the photo was used was that of Sehwag. Rana has opined that the owner of the printing press was probably Sehwag fan and he could have done it.

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