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Lara Considers Nepal “FutureOfCricket” after World Cup Qualification

Brian Charles Lara, former captain of West Indies congratulated Nepali Cricket Team for World Cup Qualification via twitter. He replied “Well done to Team Nepal, see you at the World Cup”, when Nepali Cricket Fan(Bidish Acharaya) tweeted him about Nepal’s feat.

Lara also explained that he was unable to come to Nepal because it was election time. “I know I promised to come to Nepal and didn’t at the end but was advise it was elections at the time and made no sense. I will be there soon” read another of his tweets on the issue.

Lara first noticed Nepali Cricket Team during Divsion 3 in Bermuda. He mentioned the Nepali team has been playing with more confidence. “The Nepal team did amazingly well and wat i notice since i saw them in Bermuda is that they are playing wit more confidence” reads his tweet followed by #futureofcricket.




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