Nepalese Cricket- What Next?

Last ball of the match against Hong Kong, ICC WT20 qualifier playoff, Nepal needed only 1 run to qualify. Sharad Veswakar’s punch through offside penetrating nervous Hong Kong fielders sealed Nepal a dream spot for upcoming world T20 in Bangladesh. Every single Nepalese cricket fans were ecstatic and emotional despite the long running political logjam. Everyone now has learnt that nothing is impossible if there’s a hard work and belief.

However this accomplishment of Nepalese cricket team has been dubbed nothing short of miracle by Media worldwide. Reason being the infrastructures and benefits that are being provided to the players and aspiring cricketers in the country. If we look back into the timeline of Nepal’s cricket progress, we were at par with other associate nations like the Hong Kong, Afghanistan and Malaysia.

Now the situation is different, these nations have leapfrogged us. The fairytale has continued due to the unparalleled effort of the players. To continue the momentum and reach the heights of Ireland and Afghanistan, it’s high time now our government focuses on the development of infrastructures and provide better benefits to the players. Few simple things that can be done immediately are introduction of professional contract for the players and coaches to motivate them with a support to their living.

Apart from this, improving ground facilities in TU cricket ground and at least one training and cricket complex in all development regions is a must. Unless and until the planners focus on these issues our success will be shadowed by other competing countries very soon. This game has united the people, given us happiness and a reason to cheer our nation’s name. There will be hardly anyone who disagrees with this idea, as it seems to be thought of whole nation.

We keep on raising voices but the people with authority are busy with something else, apparently. It’s now or never as everything ahead of us depends on the policy makers’ focus on this sport, which has become a pride of nation.

Indra Adhikari(, student of MBA Marketing in Symbiosis International University, Pune, India sent this article. If you also want your article to be published, send it to