Pay Respect To short Ball

Doesn’t matter how talented you are, doesn’t matter how well techniques you have got, doesn’t matter which color of cheery you are facing, doesn’t matter how many runs you have scored, doesn’t matter how big player you are, a bowler pitching it short and the cheery passing right by your nose where you can smell it, is a Nightmare you will never wanna see as a batsman. No experts or bio technicians can explain the right way to answer the question that has been asked by a bowler with a short ball. It becomes more dangerous in the pitches apart from sub continent when it comes to your body at around 140 KPH. Even the best batsman like Sir Donald Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Pointing has suffered in some phases of their career from its saber.

For batsman from sub continent who isn’t used to with the pace and bounce finds it more difficult but it doesn’t mean batsman from bouncy pitches finds it easier to play. In first and second test of Ashes series leaving one or two wickets, other all to fall are to the short balls. Also in recent West Indies vs New Zealand also maximum number of wickets has fallen to the short ball, which explains how difficult it is to control a short delivery.

But if you are a bowler and can bowl at 130-140 KPH regularly then SHORT BALLS are the best balls that will provide you wickets in any pitches. Some great bowlers like Wasim Akram, Tom Moody, Kapil Dev used to use it quite often and short ball has responded them will. In modern day cricket as a bowler it’s a best weapon you can throw any time at any pitches also if you can bring it back to the body of the batsman then no doubt you will be the most difficult bowlers to play.

Eyeing a spot in 50 over world cup, Nepal will be playing its biggest ever tournament in New Zealand in less than one month time. No doubt the pitches know for their pace and bounce are goanna trouble the Nepali batsman who are hardly used to off it. But once they get in there they will get value for their shots also they will find it easier to score though they cannot neglect the short balls and its saga. Some of the Nepali batsmen like Sagar Pun, Paras Khadka and Mahesh Chettri who look a bit more comfortable to short will have to play a role model and lead from the front. Letting a ball go is the best way to approach it but in t20s and one day format leaving a ball is not that much practical as a ball can give you six runs and six runs in a limited over cricket has a great value. Getting on the top of the bounce and playing along the ground is important also feet movement has a significant role to play. Also playing a proper cricketing shot is important, many batsman in recent past has lost their wicket in playing a false shot. But if you are going at the ball then swing your bat hard so that if you mishit it too that won’t get to the fielders inside the circle. But paying some respect to the cheery you are playing especially when its new is the best way to approach you inning.

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