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27 players passes ACC Bone test

Kathmandu – 27 Under-16 players passed the Bone test performed by Asian Cricket Council for the upcoming ACC U-16 Premier League to be held from August 15-25 in Malaysia.

Rabin Kumari Singh, Rabi Kumar Shah, Pawan Sharaf, Rizan Dhakal, Mohd. Aashif Shiekh, Irshad Ansari, Sunil Maharjan, Aashish Pokharel, Jitendra Singh Thakuri, Anil Kharel, Pranit Thapa, Sushant Singh Thapa, Bijay Chaudari, Samshudhin Ansari, Suraj Bohara, Amit Dhami, Madan Panta, Ayushman Bam, Suman Ghimire, Sandip Gurung, Aman Panthi, Roshan Adhikari, Rabi Chand, Subodh Airee, Rit Gautam, Rabindra Jung Shahi & Niraj Pokharel are the players who passed the test.

The Bone test is performed to catch teams with over-age players.

From the list of 59 players sent by Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN), ACC selected only 27 players.

The selected players now will join CAN’s closed camp which is to be held from 23rd July in Kathmandu.


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