Kathmandu – State owned, Nepal Television signed a three-year contract with Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) for live telecast rights on Tuesday.

Nepal Television

Nepal Television will broadcast the national and international matches live in tournaments organised by the cricket governing body for the next three years.

As per the agreement, the government-owned TV will annually provide CAN with Rs 600,000 — Rs 200,000 more than their previous tie-up. NTV acting General Manager Deepak Mani Dhital and CAN president Binaya Raj Pandey signed the Memorandum of Understanding.



  1. shankar gautam says:

    aba nepal ma cricket ko ni bikash hola jasto chha tara aja ko matcha herna painchha ki paidaina.

    1. Tika_anil says:

      nepal ma matra bhayeko game dekhaune ho

  2. Tiwariujjwal says:

    it’s a very good news !!

  3. kushal says:

    Really happy to hear this news and can u tell us about upcoming matches we can see live or not…..?me and every gorkhali’s eyes are waiting for that moment the getting victory with opposition we can see live.God bless to you all Pashupati naath ki jay ho……


    1. Kushal, None of the TV channels are broadcasting the ICC U19 WCQ 2011. All the updates are available at

  4. Me_rupaksapkota says:

    wow a big step towards da sports development…….can we watch todays match against canada?

  5. Rajukc111 says:

    क्रिकेटको यो संसारमा नेपाल टेलिभिजनले आफ्नो राष्ट्रियता को पहिचान काएम गर्नको लागि भए पनि नेपाली क्रिकेट खेलको लाइभ पर्सारण गर्न लागेको मा धेरै खुसि लागेको छ . साएद सबै नेपालीको लागि यो खुसि को कुरा हुन सक्छ 

  6. B Bsnet says:

    Vanepa6i aaja Nepal Vs Canada live match aau6 ta??????????????

  7. Tika_anil says:

    nepal ma matra bhayeko game dekhaune ho…………not in other countries………FROM CAN

  8. Tika_anil says:

    nepal ma matra bhayeko game dekhauney ho

  9. Bb_rai2000 says:

    dherai ramrow ntv badhai 6 nepali cricket lai protshan garnu bhaya ko ma  khel bikash ko lagi sahayog puraunu bhayko dhannybad ntv

  10. G10dra Gautam says:

    Can we see tomorrows match against IRELAND? Dont know if todays match against namibia Shown or not, but we won thats the only  thing matters.

  11. rajat says:

    Nepal or foreign country ma bheako matches NTVplus bata show garna mildina?????????

  12. Lav says:

    we will be positive if we will get to watch today match

  13. Www Sandip_wagle says:

    my hope come again

  14. sachis says:


  15. aba chahi ramailo hune vayo…………..

  16. Vivek_subedi2000 says:

    khai kun match bata herna paincha live nepal ko

  17. Bdrogba says:

    kun match bata chance paincha live herna

  18. Anonymous says:

    khai kaile bata herna paincha nepal ko live tv ma

  19. Vjkc10 says:

    Nepal ma bhako gAMe matra lIve huncha ki..bahira bhako pani…

    1. Bishal says:

      i want to ask same question.

  20. Sarmi_ghatane says:

    all the best nepal

  21. k ko ramailo ni?  out of country ma vayeko match  telecast garne hoina kyare…………..nepal ma vayeko match ta hami ground mai gayera herihalchau ni………..hati ayo hati aayo fussa vaneko yehi ho……….nepali cricket team lai kohi media le support gareko? aru country ko hernus kasto support huncha……match hunu agadi dekhi sabai players ko history ani khelne team ko full biography dincha tara nepali fan kati lai ta nepali player ko name pani thaha chaina ani bhutro huncha nepal ma sports ko bikas………na ground cha gatilo khelne…na ta support cha players lai……jutyo vane hai hai ani harera aayo vane nepal ko game yestai ta ho ni vanera kura garyo basyo……….ramro coach hire garnu jaruri cha nepali senoir team ko lagi…….roy luk dias jasto coach awasyak cha feri nepali senoir team lai……age group ma ramro gare pani jahile pani seniour team le important game hardai aayeko cha..nepal ko bowling ra feilding world standard ko cha tara sadai batting ko problem le garda nepal mathi uthna nasakeko ho……… nepal ko batting sudarnu jaruri cha.ramra bats man vaye vane nepal odi status huna ber lagdaina ani india, pakistan jasta team sanga world cup kheleko herne hami jasta nepali cricket ka dieheart fan lai tyo vanda khusi k ma hola ra? nepal ko jay jay jay………… 

  22. dilip pratap says:

    hamro nepal world cup khelney bhayo

  23. Jeroeleven says:

    nepal won man nepal won!!!!huryryryryyyr

  24. sajan says:

    yo ta ramro kura ho. tara aaba coach pani ramro rakhne bela bhayeko chha,

  25. Nepal says:

    khoi ta live hernai payena ni nepal ko game jasari bhaye pani dinuparyo bholi ta last game matrai baki chha

  26. Rajeev rai says:

    aaj USA v NEpal ko game ta hernu paryo jasari pani. Live telecast garana yaar NTV

  27. Rajeev Rai says:

    Now since Nepal has qualified for ICC U19 world cup. The credit goes more to Nepal cricket team than to CAN. It is now necessary for the CAN and Nepali team to sit and decide how to prep up for U19 world cup in Australia. I think the best  thing for Nepali team will be to go to Australia before 1and half month ago in Australia and climatise over there by playing some game with the local team out there. This will mentally as well as physically prepare them before playing games in Australian condition.
    I would also like to request CAN member to give more international exposure to Nepalese team by sending them abroad like INDIA, SRILANKA and Bangladesh or they can also organise international game in Nepal or why not organise SAARC country tournament in Nepal.

    Please please CAN and all the Nepali fan and who love Nepali cricket lets do something for Nepali cricket so that we can make our country proud from it.

    I again request CAN to provide more internationnal exposure to Nepali cricket team . We can by no means win a competition by preparing before one month.

    Hare kRISHNA

  28. Www Nabintimal says:

    sav paisa khane chal ho

  29. nepal ko t20 qualiufier game herna paiyena boar bho 

  30. Kumar Kishor says:

    good to hear…..


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