Sports and Culture Development Fund, Janakpur

We heartly welcome all the sports enthusiasts, players, coaches and media personnels. Please take a moment to help us promote sports and cultural sector of Janakpur and Nepal in whole. We would like to request you to promote and contribute SCDF Janakpur(Registered at C.D.O Office, Dhanusha with registration number 1894) through any means.

Sports and Culture Development Fund, Janakpur is an initiative of a youth group from Janakpur and was established with the contribution of Rs. 50,000/- each from S.M. Sports and Fashion Point and Radio Mithila 100.8 Mhz. It was officially established on 7th of Falgun, 2067.

“We are in search of your lending hands”

To contribute and be a part of our campaign:

1. Donate to our account at Rastriya Banijya Bank from any of the branches. Our bank account number is 4906(ABBS Free Current Account). We would love to receive any amount of donation.

2. Download CRBT, PRBT & RBT, CRBT & RBT as a part of the promotion of SCDF Janakpur.

NTC- 0140006860 NTC- 014000755
NCELL- 6025492 NCELL- 6026152
UTL – 7789559 UTL –  7789777

If you want any kind of help, we are always ready to help you.

For help, dial us at 9779814800555

Or you can contact us at

Mob: 9774126839, 9779814800555

Email: [email protected]

[email protected]

SM Youth Sports Club

Bhanu Chowk, Janakpur


Note: Name of donor who contributes more than Rs. 1000 will be published in,,, education sansar monthly magazine & transmitted in Radio mithila 100.8 Mhz accordingly.

Mission and Vision of Sports and Cuture Development Fund Janakpur


1. To organize and and promote local, national & international sports events in Janakpur Zone.

2. To conserve, improve and renovate sports infrastructure from Janakpur Zone.

3. To manage JANAK JANAKI Annual Sports Award.

4. To reward individuals, organization, journalist & media house contributing in the sector of sports.



1.To uplift local art & culture.

2.To conserve cultural heritages.

3.To manage MAITHILI Music Award.

4.To reward individuals, organization, journalist & media house contributing in promotion of Art and Culture.

5.To publish yearly programme calendar(Sports Calendar of Janakpur Zone).

6. To manage “Keep Your Environment Clean” campaign.





Diamond Offset Janakpur




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