R&B Business appoint national skipper Khadka as SM brand ambassador

Kathmandu/Cricnepal: The Nepali cricket skipper Paras Khadka was officially appointed as the brand ambassador for the famous Indian cricket accessories producing company SM (Sunil Maharjan And Sons) here on Sunday by the official retailer of SM for Nepal , R&B Business Private limited.

R & B Buisness Private limited. is an organization run by ex U-19 Cricket player Raju Shrestha and players like Nischal KC and Binay Shrestha who have already played from Kathmandu, Region Number 3.

R & B Buisness Private limited has appointed the Nepali skipper for one year as the brand Ambassador. In return, Paras will be receiving two sets of cricket items from R & B Business Private limited whose actual market price is around Rs. 1 lakh.

Many starred players round the globe use SM accessories. Among the users of SM, most are from India ,Pakistan and Bangladesh. The legendary batsman Schin tendulkar also uses SM product as his head gear.

By Pratik Gyawali for Cricnepal

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