My Seniors Are My Motivation : Subash Khakurel

Shubash Khakurel

Just three years after entering the National squad, Opening batter & WicketKeeper for Nepal Subash Khakurel is one of the most valued batsman in Nepali Cricket today. Cricnepal representative Arun Upreti met with him during Triton’s first match of first Inter University Cricket Tournament against Himalayan College of Engineering being held at Kathmandu University. He had a different role this time; coaching for his former college team.

Tell us something about your coaching experience

It’s quite different primarily because it’s more of a leadership.  It has helped me understand what Dassanayeke sir goes through.  I remember him yelling at me time and again to run the first run hard during practice and at times I used to get furious at him, but now I have to do the same thing with my players.

Your Motivation

My motivation are my seniors- Sangam Dai(Brother), Sharad Dai, Basant Dai, Paras Dai, who have given all their youth to country and Cricket. Sanjam especially, he has played selflessly for over 12 years for Nepal. These players haven’t got anything back, have they? But they still keep on playing for the nation. It’s the selfless contribution to Cricket from senior players that keeps me motivated to play in the same selfless manner.

Early Cricketing days

I used to play for Himalayan White House College and this might be a surprise to a lot of people that I was fast bowler then.  But after I entered Triton College I took gloves on my hand.

Nepali Cricket Fans
They are always supporting but one thing I can’t help noticing is their growth in number.  Nepali Cricket Fan Club has been doing an awesome job.

We are always thankful to the fans for their support, it makes a huge difference to team’s morale.

Extreme Action by Fans

There was a girl who painted number 9 in her face. I met her after the match. There also have been instances  where fans have searched for my home to meet me.

Your 100 for Kathmandu U-19 in the U-19 National One day Tournament

It was one of those days where everything was going right for me.  But still I believe that Nepalese players don’t have enough experience and skill to score century in regular basis. Yes, we have reached that level where every batsmen on his day can easily cross 50. We need to play more matches with better teams to raise our batting standard higher!

Preparation for World Cup Qualifier

We haven’t practiced as a team ever since we returned from Bermuda.

Triton International College will now take on KIST Medical College A in their final Group stage match of  First Inter University Cricket Tournament. They defeated HOCE in the first match by 94 runs and need one more win to secure the quarter final berth.

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