CAN Seeks Help from Indian State Cricket Board


Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN)’s High Level Probe lead by CAN President Tanka Angbhuang is currently in India in talks with Various Cricket Boards to initiate and promote cricketing relationship between two nation. Member of CAN Sanjib Pandey and former cricketer for Nepal Aamir Akthar are also members of the probe.

“While in India CAN is set to sign agreement with Cricket Board of Rajasthan, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh” CAN’s Chumbi Lama told Annapurna Post. The tour comes at a time when Nepal is preparing for two World Cup Qualifiers and is desperate in need of good training. Although nothing has been revealed about the agreement, it will likely focus on Nepali players travelling to India and playing practice matches against quality teams.

Amrit Mathur, advisor of IPL fanchise Delhi Daredevils mediated the talks with the Cricket Boards for CAN.

Grooming its relation to the Cricketing Giant India could help promote cricket in Nepal. CAN has however been extremely vague about its objectives in the relationship-in fact it has revealed nothing at all to the media.

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