Nepal vs Air India : Match Preview

Its hasn’t even been 24 hours for teams arrival and the Pubudu Battalion will be on the field  today.  “I came, I saw, I conquered”   this basically explains what Pubudu has been doing last few years with Nepali Cricket. Although promoted as a practice for the Nepali Cricket team for World Cup Qualifiers- it will be nothing like a practice match. Nepali Team just entered into the World Cup and is pumped up! Pubudu will be wanting to conquer this tournament as well and gift Nepalese fans with the same treat Nepalese in UAE received!”

Nepal has 12 T20 matches in last 18 days; Team will be lagging to adjust in the longer format of the game. The biggest challenge for the team will be bowling. Recent tours to india and match against India U-23 suggests that our bowling strength-the spin attack struggles to control the Indian Batsman.

Likely Changes- The players were just back yesterday so its only logical that few of them will be rested. Mahesh Chhetri and Rahul VIswakarma will be playing. There are already rumors that prodigy Sompal Kami could represent the National Team today. The Nepali team has not announced a squad for the tournament! So with a huge pool of players to pick from combined with tired National Squad, this match could be a start of opportunity for players like Sompal Thapa, Rajesh Pulami, Naresh Budayer to prove themselves.

Air India

The 18 membered Aire India Squad includes 4 IPL players. Tanmay Mishra who represented Kenya and considered the best Kenyan batsman is also part of Air India.

Vijay Dhaiya, M.Bisla,R.S.Sodhi,Paul Veeltherty,Sushant Marathe, Prashant Nayak, Harmeet Singh, Sandeep Raj Kaushik,Chandan Madan,Kuldeep Singh,Shafiq Khan,Manish Sharma, Shivam Sharma, Jagrit Anand, Subhash Choudhury, Tanmay Mishra,Ishan Ganda, Sandeep Sawal

Players to watch out!
M Bisla, already a IPL star was part of India U19 team that toured Nepal in 2003 for Kathmandu Clash! He will be one of the most recognizable faces in the Air India Squad. Fans haven’t seen much of Bisla in a 50 over format!

Sharad Vesawkar, there is no bigger star in town than Sharad Vesawkar. In the last fifteen days he turned to a six hitting machine. All eyes will be on him.

यस लेखमा उल्लेखित विषयहरु

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