Women’s Cricket from 2nd January


Cricket Association is set to organize Women’s National Cricket Tournament to be held from 2nd January to 13th January in Kathmandu(Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur). The tournament will be a part of First Lumbini National Championships 2070.

Defending Champion Armed Police Force takes on Region Number 1 Biratnagar in the opening match.

The 10 Team Tournament will see 9 regions and departmental team APF divided into two groups of 5 each. After initial league matches the top two teams from each group will play cross over semi final matches on 12th January.

Three venues are to be used in the tournament- TU, Pulchowk and Army Ground. TU ground has a jam packed schedule for the 12 days with 11 matches to be played. Pulchowk hosts 8 and Army Ground hosts only 4.


Group A Group B
Region Number 1, Biratnagar Region Number 5, Nepalgunj
Region Number 6, Baitadi Region Number 2, Birgunj
Region Number 7, Janakpur Region Number 3, Kathmandu
Region Number 8, Pokhara Region Number 4, Bhairahawa
APF Region Number 8, Kanchanpur


Date T.U. Ground Engineering Ground Army Ground
2nd January APF Vs Biratnagar Birgunj Vs Nepalgunj
3rd January Kathmandu Vs Nepalgunj Birgunj Vs Bhairahawa
4th January Kathmandu Vs Bhairahawa Pokhara Vs Pokhara APF Vs Janakpur
5th January Janakpur Vs Pokhara Bhairahawa Vs Kanchanpur Biratnagar Vs Pokhara
6th January Nepalgunj Vs Kanchanpur Birgunj Vs Kathmandu
7th January Bhairahawa Vs Nepalgunj APF Vs Pokhara
8th January APF Vs Pokhara Biratnagar Vs Janakpur
9th January Birgunj Vs Kanchanpur Pokhara Vs Janakpur
10th January Biratnagar Vs Pokhara Kathmandu Vs Kanchanpur
11th January REST DAY
12th January Semi Final 1 (A1 Vs B2) Semi Final 2 (B1 Vs A2)
13th January FINAL

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