APF Chip in for Fapla Cricket Ground Construction

Dhangadhi-Armed Police Force are lending a helping hand for construction of Fapla Cricket Ground. Baidhnath Battalion of Attariya accepted the requests from locals will work for the construction for 3 days.

Today, Baidhnath battalion sent a platoon of 26 who helped with laying the grasses on the ground. “That’s basically only thing left to do in the ground”, reported Cricnepal Dhangadi correspondent Yagya Raj Joshi.”The ground is 85-90% complete” he informed.

When completed Fapla Cricket Ground will be the only ground with turf wicket in Dhangadi. Previoulsy all matches and seletion for Dhangdai would be played on mats. Dhangadhi hosts popular tournaments like SPA Cup and Dhangadi Cricket League.

The ground, currently venure for Dhangadi Cricket League, is being built for 2 days matches of Nepal Premier League.Region No.9 Dhangadi started with the the construction of the ground only 20 days ago. The change in mere 20 days is rather stunning.

The Platoon from Attariya will be there in Fapla for 2 more days. Nepal Army are set to join hands with APF to give the ground the finishing touches.

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