Fitkiri Honors Cricketers

Kathmandu-March 16-20, every Nepalese eyes were on Bangladesh-every sector from Nepal was busy watching cricket, from movies to media. They were one of those days when everything was about Cricket-the front page cartoons most national dailies of those four days(and few more to follow) always had cricket in them.

Makers of “Fitkiri” were not exception, and they took it a step forward announcing cash prizes for each six(Rs. 20k), four(Rs. 3k) and wicket(Rs. 3k) for Nepali players in the match against Afghanistan. On Wednesday team Fitkiri kept their words   honoring  the national sides with the cash prizes they promised-giving a total of Rs.1, 37,000 to the cricketers.

This was the first occasion where Nepali movie industry honored the cricketers. Film maker Arjun Kumar said that he expected such step to motivate cricketers.

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