Players Agrees to Take Field

Cricnepal, Kathmandu

Nepal’s National Cricket Players decided to take the field after a tri-party talk between the players, Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) and representatives from Ministry of Youth and Sports and National Sports Council (NSC) agreed to form a five member Planning and Monitoring committee.
The committee lead by Yubraj Lama, the National Sports Council member secretary includes Captain Khadka, Coach Pubudu Dassanayeke and one member each from CAN and Ministry of Youth & Sports. The committee will have the power to monitor CAN and will prepare plans for the development of cricket. CAN has also decided to address the 10 point demand of the players as soon as possible.
Speaking at the conference, Khadka thanked all the fans for supporting them. “We had to be flexible because we cannot dissolve CAN under existing law. We are now ready to take the field and play for the country” said Khadka.
After the meeting, the uncertainty over Nepal’s participation in the ACC Premier has also been resolved. CAN will soon call the players for a close camp including those who perform well in the ongoing National Tournament.

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