Everest 8848 represent Nepal in Finnish Cricket

Helsinki/Finland- It has been a busy cricket week in Finland with MCC (Marleybone Cricket Club) and Denmark U-19 touring Finland on the occasion of Finnish Cricket Week. A bunch of Nepalese cricket lovers were equally busy preparing for their match against FinnAsia.

At end of 2013 a bunch of Nepalese registered under Finnish Cricket Association(FCA) as Nepal Cricket Club ry, Everest 8848. And in the first year of establishment playing FCA SM T20 League.

Everest 8848 faced 38 runs loss against FinnAsia today, their third consecutive loss of the tournament. The team had faced defeats in the previous two matches losing first to Turku Cricket Club by 47 runs and then to Vantaa Cricket Club by 14 runs. Turku, Vantaa clubs established in 1990 boast of fine cricket history in Finland.

Nepal Cricket Club next takes on Tampere Cricket Club on 14th June

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