Government to decide on Dassanayake’s Contract extension

Government is in the process of extending contract of Dassanayake as Head coach of Nepal Cricket Team. Minister of Youth and Sports Purushottam Poudel stated “ If CAN and Council is unable to decide on extension of contract with Dassanayake, government will take action on the regarding, he has contributed immensely for the nations pride, we should not lose him.
Poudel further added “Problem regarding the budget for the extension of contract has been stated to finance ministry, there are some legal issues to be taken care of after government will decide on bringing him back.
Also Finance Minister RamSaran Mahat through his tweet stated “If CAN is incapable to pay coach, government will help”

The Sri Lanka-born Canadian´s contract ended on Monday. However, the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) is still mulling whether to renew his contract or not.

Dassanayake has already made it clear that his first choice is Nepal, although he could have chosen other, better options. But CAN is still undecided about a future coach and risks losing such a high-profile figure who transformed the Nepali squad in a short span after taking the helm in October 2011.

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