ACC’s Visit from 29th August: ACC Says “Usual Visit”

CricNepal- ACC’s Development Officer for Nepal, Sri Lankan fast bowling legend Rumesh Ratnayake will be arriving in Nepal on 29th August. “Ratnayake will in Nepal till 5th September”, ACC informed CricNepal via email.

With Ebola’s scare in West Africa and USA Cricket Association pouring concerns over security issues in Uganda, buzz is there that this is a preliminary inspection to shift Division 3 to Nepal. When inquired ACC’s media manager Shahriar Khan replied that Rumesh was here for usual coaching, facilities inspection and CAN meetings. Even though Khan did not accept Nepal’s chances of getting to host Division 3; but he did not deny it either.

Although ACC says that its usual visit-this visit is unusual in many ways. First, ACC (and ICC) directed Cricket Association of Nepal to prepare 3 grounds for the visit. ACC had never asked Nepal to prepare grounds for inspection unless Nepal was about to host/or in a bid to host tournaments.

Secondly, the ICC’s visit, (although ICC has not yet confirmed its visit to Nepal, several CAN members have revealed that ICC representative would come Nepal a week after ACC’s visit)-ICC never visits Nepal for inspection.

The Ebola-scare in West Africa combined with ACC/ICC direction to prepare grounds lay foundations of claims that ICC is planning to shift Division 3 to Nepal. Uganda Cricket Association on the other hand has expressed that the preparations for hosting  Div-3 are in full flow at Kampala.

Even if we completely discard Nepal’s chances of getting to host division 3- this ACC visit has surfaced a lot of positives for Nepal cricket.

Grounds for Practice
Firstly, with ACC direction of preparing 3 grounds for inspection CAN is has started works on TU, Pulchowk, Birendra Sainik, and Pokhara Cricket grounds. These grounds were left un-attended for months rendering them almost un-use-able as grounds for match or even practice(especially TU and Pokhara Grounds). As a result U-16 side had done most of its in practice indoors and nets. Nepal’s senior men’s and women’s who are preparing for the Incheon Asian Games are facing the same fate. The ACC/ICC ‘s planned visit will at least give our players grounds to practice and play.

Ease Pubudu’s return
Secondly, and perhaps the most poorly kept secret of the visit-Ratnayake who will be arriving Nepal just a day after Pubudu’s return will help Pubudu(and CAN) adjusting to the new scenario. Pubudu was hired by Nepal Government but he still has no contract with Cricket Association of Nepal(CAN). Also the government is planning to dissolve the Association to give way to a Cricket Board.

Pubudu  who is returning tomorrow has informed that he would hold meeting with CAN, NSC and Sports ministry right away. Regardless of his actual presence in the meeting his arrival and talks with CAN members is set to have huge influence those meetings.

Lastly, our players-especially our fast bowers will get to learn a great deal from this Sri Lankan legend, who has played 23 Test and 70 ODI’s for his country.

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