CAN allocates budget of Rs 80m


Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has allocated a budget of Rs 80 million through a board meeting on Saturday for the coming year. The budget will be used to run cricketing activities throughout the year under CAN. The same board meeting had also decided to appoint the post of Chief Executive officer(CEO) and Finance Manager. Bhawana Ghimire was appointed as the CEO and Prakash Maharjan as the finance manager.

Apart from the budget and the post of CEO and finance manager, the board meeting also named Shailesh Chaudhary, team manager for Nepal’s Sri Lanka Tour from November 7-25 and Nabin Singh,coach for ACC U-19 Elite to be held in Kuwait from November 5-15.

The board meeting also declared to extend National Cricket Academy(NCA) to all eight regions in order to provide quality cricket coaching all over Nepal which is a very good step taken by CAN indeed.

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