Bhawana Ghimire : I Plan To Hold Hands With BCCI


The newly appointed Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Cricket Association of Nepal(CAN), Bhawana Ghimire said that she hopes to work with BCCI to generate the necessary infrastructure to help Nepal Cricket progress.

Speaking to ESPNcricinfo, She said, “The first step must be to set up an international quality cricket ground in Kathmandu. I plan to hold hands with the BCCI and set up such a facility with their assistance, technical and otherwise.”

“My first aim is to ensure that Nepal plays in next year’s Duleep Trophy. Nepal has about four million people of Indian origin, which is among the highest in the world. With support from the BCCI, Indian clubs and regional academies, Nepal can graduate from playing T20Is to receiving ODI status.”

“I intend to put in place systems which will help in the seamless functioning of CAN, which will be to the benefit of all stakeholders involved,” she added.

“The recent issues can mostly be put down to mis-communication. Going forward, we will ensure that cricket in Nepal is run in as professional a manner as possible.”

Ghimire’s statement, “Brian Lara recently played a match at Wormsley, in Rwanda colours, to generate funds for the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation, a charity established to build an international cricket stadium in Kigali, the Rwandan capital. We need similar initiatives for Nepal, ” also suggests that she is well aware of the cricketing activities going around the world.

She was confident about the fact that Nepal can act as a neutral venue to host international matches and can also host charity matches, from which Nepali cricket can benifit a lot. “Charity games in Nepal, between India and Pakistan, or even involving teams from the Indian Premier League, will go a long way in helping Nepal cricket.” said Ghimire.

Ghimire, who played cricket during her collage days aslo talked about sport management. “My stint with Western Gulf Advisory in Bahrain gave me an understanding of sports management, handling of players and the requirements at the highest level.

“Nepal is known as the Land of Buddha and the Everest, but now I also want us to be known for Nepalese cricket.” she said.

Source- ESPNcricinfo.

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