Nepal Telecom to sponsor Nepal Cricket team worth RS 45 m

Kathmandu – Nepal Telecom is set to agree a three-year sponsorship deal for Nepal National Cricket team on its 11th anniversary ceremony on Thursday.

On the occasion of Telecom’s 11th anniversary, Buddhi Acharya, Managing Director of Nepal Telecom confirmed about the sponsorship deal. The sponsorship deal is supposed to be worth RS 45 million ( 4 Core 50 Lakhs) for a three year period. Nepal Telecom will provide CAN with RS 15 million each year and the current deal will last for three years. Earlier, Pepsi and Standard Chartered Bank provided CAN with RS 4 million each year.

“We are delightful to be the part Nepal National Cricket team and we will support them”, Acharya further added.

According to Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN), the proposal were submitted to Telecom few weeks earlier. However, the deal is still disclosed by both parties. “The deal has been announced today but we have not received official documents yet. This is the happy moment for Nepal Cricket”, Bhawana Ghimire, CEO of CAN said.

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