CAN’s election & NSC interference, a major cause for suspension: ICC

Kathmandu – David Richardson, the Chief Executive of the International Cricket Council (ICC) on May 22 wrote an official letter to Chatur Bahadur Chand, Elected committee President of Cricket Association of Nepal on their decision for the suspension.

“CAN violated the Article 2.9 (A) by holding a disputed election in December 2015 and National Sports Council, a government (NSC) interfered CAN by forming an ad-hoc committee to control and administer CAN.”, the letter reads.

Following the suspension, CAN will be deprived of all its rights as an ICC member that includes no funding and no representation in ICC meetings.

Similarly, no rights to determine whether cricket matches and events stages in Nepal should have the status of approved or disapproved cricket. “Instead the ICC will make that determination.” the letter further added. But the suspension wouldn’t affect the participation of national cricket team or players in any ICC tournaments.

Meanwhile, ICC wants CAN to organise a fair election under ICC delegation and without NSC interference in order to lift the suspension. The delegates will travel to Nepal for assessment before October 2016 and would submit their report in ICC Board meeting in October.

“CAN will be required to demonstrate again that it meets all the ICC’s Associate membership criteria, funding policy requirement and all other relevant rules and regulations”, the letter states.

Source: Cricket Nepal

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