ICC holds positive meeting to re-admit CAN

ICC – A series of positive meetings of the Nepal Advisory Group concluded this weekend in Kathmandu as part of the process to re-admit the Cricket Association of Nepal as a member of the International Cricket Council.

The Nepal Advisory Group, which consists of various stakeholders of cricket in Nepal, was formed by the ICC to recommend amendments to the constitution of the CAN so that elections can be conducted subsequently as per the revised constitution.

At the meeting, the advisory group agreed on a Terms of Reference for the work and a community consultation process by which members of the Nepalese cricket community will give inputs for the revised Constitution.

An ICC delegation will return to Kathmandu around the time the World Cricket League Championship matches against Kenya are held on 11 and 13 March and will decide on a timetable for the adoption of the revised Constitution and subsequent elections. Following this, Nepal’s membership of the ICC will be tabled for consideration at the ICC Annual General Meeting in June.

The ICC had suspended Nepal in April last year for breach of Article 2.9 of the ICC’s Articles of Association, which prohibits government interference and requires free and fair elections. The suspension cut off funding for the CAN but Nepal was allowed to continue participating in ICC events.

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