Nepal VS Pakistan, Nov 8- Nepal tour of UAE

Nepal VS Pakistan, Nov 8- Nepal tour of UAE

IMG_2695IMG_2714IMG_2728IMG_2732IMG_2742IMG_2746IMG_2754IMG_2755IMG_2762IMG_2770IMG_2779IMG_2849IMG_2878IMG_2886IMG_2929IMG_2953Nep VS Pak 1 Nepal team walking led by Paras Khadka walking off to the field.

Nep VS Pak 2Ahmed Shehzad opening the batting for PakistanNep VS Pak 3 Basant Regmi bowling his left arm spin.Nep VS Pak 4 Paras Khadka with the ball. Nep VS Pak 6 Gyanendra Malla.Nep VS Pak 7 Wicket Keeper Subash Khakurel.Nep VS Pak 8 Shakti GauchanNep VS Pak 9 Mehabob Alam bowling his left arm medium pace.Nep VS pak 10Basant Regmi

Nep VS Pak 11 Sagar Pun with his off spin.Nep VS Pak 12 Nepal Team celebrates after taking wicket.Nep VS Pak 13 Nep VS Pak 14 Shoaib Malik playing a square cut. Nep VS Pak 16Anwar Ali walks in after Sarfaraz  Ahmed gets out.Nep VS Pak 17 Mehabob Alam, Subash Khakurel and Paras Khadka back to the pavilion after first innings.


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